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Appa Redij... No more !
Oct 27, 2010

Raghunath Redij, aka Appa is no more. An hard-core activist who started Sugava Mishra Vivah Mandal some...Read more

Hindustan Times 20-12-2009 Mumbai Cafe
Dec 29, 2009

The search for a life partner just got more interesting. That is if one is willing to forgo conventional parameters of caste, creed,...Read more

Win for Dhanak
Oct 03, 2009

Government directive that directs all the Marraige Officers of Delhi to not to send any notice of intimation to the parents...Read more

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  Site Blog
May 24, 2009गुरुकिल्ली
Jan 03, 2015 life is beautiful
Oct 20, 2008 Live-in Relationship..

  Success Stories

by ManjuJoshi

                    परंपरा तोड़ता येत नाही म्हणुन किंवा आई-वडील , ज्येष्ठांनी , समाजाने पाळायला हवी म्हणून अलिखित सक्ती केली म्हणून ती पाळणे माझ्या...
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About Us

Hi Friends,

In civilized society, marriage is important Institution and it is major milestone in everybody’s life. Indian society is caste-ridden since ages & the traditional marriage system further helps strengthen barriers of caste & religion.

In India, there are well set traditions for fixing marriages and conducting actual marriage ceremony. Few are very good but most are outdated. We blindly follow them without understanding their purpose. Many a times we don’t accept the tradition but still follow it. This is mainly because of lack of courage to break it.

In present Marriage system, we use religion/ caste as primary filter and then education, financial status as secondary filter while selecting life partner. The choice of partner is limited to particular religion/ caste only. We don’t give importance to Girl’s opinion while selecting groom for her. Many communities spend lot of money unnecessarily, even by taking loans in marriage ceremony. Nobody knows why we spend huge money and whatever Karmakand we perform. Dowry is still playing major role and existing in this or that form. In urban culture, we are loosing our social contacts and hence to find son or daughter in law has become very difficult. Right now this has taken a shape of social problem. Even after knowing all this, still we are continuing with it.

Everybody agrees and understands the importance of Institution Of Marriage but at the same time need of its modification is felt at every level. By taking review of overall scenario, we feel, while selecting life partner and in marriage,

-         -Religion/ Caste should not be used as primary criteria

-        - We should not use unscientific method of Horoscope Matching

-         -Marriage function should be simple ceremony.

-         -No dowry.

Right now, existing Marriage Institution do not permit this and Marriage bureaus do not have that urge to break this tradition.

As a solution to this, we have started an activity, “Pratibimb Mishra Vivah Forum”. Here we are providing platform to search your life partner. This service is free right now. Any progressive thinking person who accepts our following conditions can join and register with us.

  • I will not use Caste/Religion as a primary criteria for selecting Life partner
  • I will not insist on dowry, I will oppose if parents ask
  • I will not insist on matching of horoscope
  • I will marry with a simple function, will save or donate

(Note: For registration procedure, you need to have valid e-mail id. We recommend Gmail id)

We are not forcing you to go for Intercaste marriage and we are not advocating it also. We feel you should marry a right person and while selecting it religion/ caste should not be primary criteria. Ideology, Overall personality, Education, Attitude, Capability etc. shall be decisive factors. In caste or Intercaste is immaterial when you select right partner.

The Mishra Vivah couples are already large in number and it is growing. But still all are scattered and are not under one umbrella group. Keeping this need in mind we are making an attempt to bring all such couples, aspirants together. It will be community of people who believe ‘Humanity is more important than any other thing like Caste or Religion.’

Pratibimb is the only forum dedicated towards social and national cause of demolishing the barriers of Caste/Religion/Region etc through Mishra Vivah (Inter marriage). We strongly believe that the nation can progress if the caste system looses its' importance. We arrange programs to spread this message in the society. We have experienced that successful marriages are those, which are based on mutual understanding & respect towards each other and not on Horoscope/Caste. 

        “Pratibimb Mishra Vivah Forum” is started by the activists in social movement and was instrumental in arrangement of around 100 special marriages in the last few years. Maharashatra has tradition of Social reformers. Thanks to Mahatma Phule, Dr. Ambedkar, and Shahu Maharaj. Also there are many reformists from many parts of this country who advocated against caste. Our dream of casteless India can be made possible if we go for more and more Intercaste marriages. And the trend of going beyond caste & religion is on rise and we must promote it.

       Raghunath Redij, aka Appa Redij, a vibrant activist of Rashtra Seva Dal from Mumbai is our idol. We got inspiration from his Sugava Mishra Vivah Mandal. Appa Redij started this work as mission to spread the message to help caste-eradication in caste-ridden Indian society. He managed to arrange over 100 marriages; some of them were inter-religious like Hindu-Muslim, Hindu-Christian, some of them were inter-region like Maharashtra-Kerala, some of them were inter-language like Marathi-Bengali. He never stopped at arranging marriage of the couple but had capacity to be part of the family, not only for couple but he became part of the two families. He arranged many get-togethers, counseling sessions, awareness programs. He was active in this field till his death, at age of 82 years. He died very recently on 25th Jan of this year 2008.

         We are a group of young activists, from various progressive social organizations committed to the cause of creating caste-less Indian society. We have created platform for young generation & have many plans for the future. This mission will reach every town of this country & we seek alliance with broad-minded progressive persons, organizations to come together & take this movement to its peak.

           And we are sure our online registration on this website will help hundreds & millions in their search of right life-partner. We wish you all the best.


SHIVAJI PAWAR                                            UNMESH BAGWE        

Site managed by Unmesh Bagwe