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Oct 27, 2010

Raghunath Redij, aka Appa is no more. An hard-core activist who started Sugava Mishra Vivah Mandal some...Read more

Hindustan Times 20-12-2009 Mumbai Cafe
Dec 29, 2009

The search for a life partner just got more interesting. That is if one is willing to forgo conventional parameters of caste, creed,...Read more

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Oct 03, 2009

Government directive that directs all the Marraige Officers of Delhi to not to send any notice of intimation to the parents...Read more

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Hindustan Times 20-12-2009 Mumbai Cafe
Dec 29, 2009

The search for a life partner just got more interesting. That is if one is willing to forgo conventional parameters of caste, creed, religion and gotra.

Two Mumbaikars have joined hands to create, a unique website and the first-of-its­kind initiative in India. Its USP, it caters exclusively to people wanting an inter-caste or inter-religion marriage.
No personal contact "We were earlier involved with an organisation that was into similar activities. But we had to separate. We wanted to evolve according to societal trends and keep up and support the young generation through a platform like this one," says Unmesh Bagwe, 41, mechanical engineer and co-founder of Pratibimb.

Bagwe and his partner, who did not wish to be named, operate the site from their homes. There in no office or personal contact with the subscribers till the need arises.

The process is simple and free. To register, one needs to agree with certain terms and conditions. They include: I will not give undue importance to caste and religion.

I will not insist on matching of horoscope, will oppose if insisted.

I will not give or take dowry, will oppose if insisted.

I will try to solemnise our marriage with a simple function and save.

"We don't feel that these demands are unreasonable.
Most of these practices are outdated, illegal or simply a waste of our resources," says Bagwe, who has inter-religious marriage. In the case of caste and religion the duo are a bit more flexible. Though they do not ask or allow people to reveal their caste or religion, should two people of the same religion or caste meet, they are not opposed to the union.

Once the user agrees to accept these conditions, he or she is guided to the registration form.
The questionnaire attached with the form requests users to answers various questions ranging from expectations from potential life partner to details about hobbies, likes and even a general opinion about the type of qualities one expects from their life partner in general. Pictures of the registered person may also be uploaded.

Upon registration, a code is mailed to the subscriber's email account. The subscriber can then log in using this code. The profiles of all registered users are available on the site.
Subscribers need to select the criteria (educational background, hobbies etc) of their choice to short list potential partners.

The site offers various facilities like message or chat to initiate and take the conversation forward.

"Even though we try to take every precaution, we do not guarantee the profile's authen ticity. That is for the subscribers to judge," says Bagwe. The site has over 400 registered members. "But we don't know how many weddings we have helped solemnise as after the members find their partners, they seldom inform us."

The founders do not interfere between the boy and girl. However, they can be contacted in case users need guidance or information on how to register marriages or for the laws involved in inter-religious weddings. They only insist that the boy and girl follow the conditions that the site advocates.
Future plans That's not all. The duo has also started a Pratibimb Mishra Vivah group on Orkut to promote their cause on the web and they aren't against marriage bureaus using their web space free of cost. Their only criterion: they accept the site's conditions.

Next up are plans for an adoption site. "We haven't finalised anything yet as resources are a problem. But we feel that rather than opting for expensive methods of contraception, if people adopt a child from the street, it would be a win-win situation for all those involved," says Bagwe. 

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