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Appa Redij... No more !
Oct 27, 2010

Raghunath Redij, aka Appa is no more. An hard-core activist who started Sugava Mishra Vivah Mandal some...Read more

Hindustan Times 20-12-2009 Mumbai Cafe
Dec 29, 2009

The search for a life partner just got more interesting. That is if one is willing to forgo conventional parameters of caste, creed,...Read more

Win for Dhanak
Oct 03, 2009

Government directive that directs all the Marraige Officers of Delhi to not to send any notice of intimation to the parents...Read more

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May 24, 2009गुरुकिल्ली
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                    परंपरा तोड़ता येत नाही म्हणुन किंवा आई-वडील , ज्येष्ठांनी , समाजाने पाळायला हवी म्हणून अलिखित सक्ती केली म्हणून ती पाळणे माझ्या...
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admin1's Blog
Oct 26, 2008
Dear Guests/ Visitors/ Members ....

Pratibimb Mishra Vivah Mandal started this web-site as a free service. We are doing this by spending money from our pockets. Just with the mission to spread this important message that caste & religion should not play major role while searching for life-partner.

We are aware that this web-site is not being managed professionally. But we are trying our best to provide the best service possible.

We therefore invite your suggestions.

We have added a few new features on this web-site.
-- Now members can chat with each-other when online.
-- They can write blogs & express themselves more vividly.

Admin (Shivaji Pawar & Unmesh Bagwe)
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Comments: 3
Posted by Anonymous on Jul 27, 2011
Really very amazing site having grand aim and definitely an honest attempt and commitment for introducing most desired reform in the society and that too in a manner which will have everlasting impact.
I appreciate this pious attempt immensely.
Posted by Anonymous on Aug 22, 2009
Posted by Anonymous on Nov 04, 2008
This is good initiative & must be encouraged

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